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Augusta Mann: Master Teacher and Master Teacher Educator

AUGUSTA MANN has been an educator since the 1960s. Her classroom and school-based assignments have included classroom teacher, reading teacher, and staff developer in public schools in Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; and Yonkers, New York. She is widely recognized for her workshops, demonstration lessons, and programs in culturally centered intensified accelerated teaching models in literacy for African American and other urban students.

Portrait of August Mann

Photo credit: Mark Skalny

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Highly Recurring Phonic Elements Chart and Recitation

From our instructional DVD workshop, Touching the Spirit Teaching Strategies: watch as teachers are introduced to Augusta Mann's Highly Recurring Phonic Elements Chart.



AUGUSTA MANN'S TOUCHING THE SPIRIT® workshops and classroom demonstration lessons focus on culturally centered practical teaching strategies to accelerate the learning of literacy skills by students who need to achieve multiple years’ growth in a short period of time. These sessions are interactive and lively and include many opportunities for questions and explanations specific to the needs of the participants.

HER CONSULTING EXPERIENCE featured working with the professional development initiatives of the National Urban Alliance (NUA). Mann worked with educators in New York City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Prince Georges County, MD, Minneapolis, Bridgeport, CT, Albany, NY, San Francisco, and Birmingham, AL.

AS A PRIVATE CONSULTANT she has worked with educators in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Louisville, and, in California with educators in San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Berkeley, and in West Contra Costa County.

AS PROGRAM MANAGER OF THE CENTER FOR APPLIED CULTURAL STUDIES AND EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT (CACSEA) of San Francisco State University, Augusta Mann was the leader of staff development projects in reading for teachers and administrators from four Bay Area school districts. She also directed large annual conferences for educators throughout California. The CACSEA is a professional development center devoted to applications of culturally centered education for African American students.

AS DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP in New York City, a program of New York Urban Coalition, Augusta Mann led the development and operation of professional development programs for over 1,500 educators.

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